Thai Dessert

แกงบวดฟักทองGaeng Buad Fak Thong

Gaeng Buad Fak Thong

Cooked taro, sweet potato, and pumpkin in coconut milk.
120 Baht
กล้วยถ่านมอดGluay Than Mod

Gluay Than Mod

Banana in caramelized toddy palm sugar.
115 Baht
ขนมนมโคกะทิสดข้าวพองKanom Co Kati Sod Khao Pong

Kanom Co Kati Sod Khao Pong

Coconut caramelized sugar dumplings with coconut milk.
125 Baht
ไพลินกรอบPai Lin Krob

Pai Lin Krob

Water chestnut colored with butterfly pea flowers in coconut milk.
115 Baht
ข้าวต้มน้ำวุ้นKhao Tom Num Woon

Khao Tom Num Woon

Sticky rice in banana leaf with jasmine syrup.
95 Baht
ลูกตาลลอยแก้วLook Tan Loi Kaew

Look Tan Loi Kaew

Sweet toddy palm in toddy palm syrup.
125 Baht
ไอศกรีมสับปะรดPineapple Ice Cream

Pineapple Ice Cream

Pineapple sherbet served in whole fresh pineapple.
120 Baht
แกงบวดสามกษัตริย์Gaeng Buad Sam Kasat

Gaeng Buad Sam Kasat

Cooked taro, sweet potato, and pumpkin in coconut milk.
120 Baht
แกงบวดลูกตาลGaeng Buad Look Tan

Gaeng Buad Look Tan

Toddy palm in sweet coconut milk.
135 Baht
นารีจำศีลNaree Jamsin

Naree Jamsin

Banana in coconut milk with young coconut meat.
120 Baht
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