Chili Dip

น้ำพริกโจรNam Prik Jon

Nam Prik Jon

Spicy shrimp dipping relish with lime rind.
265 Baht
น้ำพริกมะหมาดมาดMakwaen Chili Jam

Makwaen Chili Jam

Sichuan pepper crispy pork chili paste mixed with dried shrimp, dried squid, simmered with dried Thai herbs.
275 Baht
หลนมัจฉาหลงสมุทรLone Pla Kapong

Lone Pla Kapong

Herbed soya beans with minced sea bass in coconut milk served with fresh vegetables.
275 Baht
น้ำพริกพริกไทยอ่อนหมูหวานNam Prik Prik Thai Orn

Nam Prik Prik Thai Orn

Chili relish of fresh green peppercorns, shrimp paste and dried fish.
275 Baht
น้ำพริกนรกปลาสลิดNam Prik Narok Pla Salid

Nam Prik Narok Pla Salid

Hot and spicy favor as Thai style. Made of premium-grade dried gourami, well mixed with onions, garlics, chili and seasonings.
275 Baht
น้ำพริกกุ้งเสียบNam Prik Goong Siab

Nam Prik Goong Siab

Smoked shrimp chili dip with shrimp paste relish.
295 Baht
น้ำพริกมะขามอ่อนNam Prik Ma Kham Orn

Nam Prik Ma Kham Orn

Chili sauce with green tamarind and minced pork caramelized.
265 Baht
น้ำพริกป่นปลาทูNam Prik Pon Pla Tu

Nam Prik Pon Pla Tu

Ground chili paste with mackerel and grilled herbs with local fresh vegetables.
245 Baht
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