วิหกหลงรังช่อผกากรองไส้กุ้ง2Steamed Bird and Blooming Flower Shaped Dumplings with Minced Prawn

Steamed Bird and Blooming Flower Shaped Dumplings with Minced Prawn

Glutinous rice flour mixed with flower juice. Savory filling made from fried prawn with onion and coriander.
195 Baht
ทองพลุไส้ไก่Thong Plu Sai Gai

Thong Plu Sai Gai

Thai style fried flour balls with chicken curry filling derived from Portuguese culture. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
215 Baht
กรวยกะหรี่Chicken Curry Cones

Chicken Curry Cones

Thai rice crispy cone with a generous spoonful of curried chicken and sweet potatoes.
215 Baht
กุ้งตะไลGoong Ta-Lai

Goong Ta-Lai

Prawn salad with a spicy Thai orange sauce, served with crispy crunchy rice.
220 Baht
หมี่กรอบหลงกรุงMee Krob Long Krung

Mee Krob Long Krung

Mixed crispy rice noodles with a combination of various ingredients. Sweet and sour orange that smells like kaffir lime is the main ingredient of this menu.
265 Baht
หมูครองแครงMoo Krong Kraeng

Moo Krong Kraeng

Pork balls with caramelized coating. They are soft on the inside but slightly crispy on the outside, and served with syrup.
185 Baht
ข้าวตังหน้ากุ้งกะทิKhao Tang Na Goong Kati

Khao Tang Na Goong Kati

Crispy rice cake with shrimp, peanut, and coconut dipping.
185 Baht
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