Thai Soup

ปลาช่อนหลงไฟใส่มะเฟืองPla Chon Long Fai

Pla Chon Long Fai

Tom yum grilled sun-dried fish with som poi, star gooseberry and star fruit.
325 Baht
ต้มกะทิไหลบัวปลาทูแม่กลองTom Kati Lai Bua Pla Tu

Tom Kati Lai Bua Pla Tu

Lotus stems with steamed mackerel in coconut soup.
225 Baht
ปลากะพงต้มสุมาลีPla Kapong Tom Sumalee

Pla Kapong Tom Sumalee

Hot and spicy soup with sea bass and zalacca.
350 Baht
ต้มข่าปลาสลิดใส่ลูกกล้วยTom Kha Pla Salid

Tom Kha Pla Salid

Hot and sour coconut cream soup with boiled banana and gourami.
350 Baht
แกงจืดสามกษัตริย์Gaeng Jued Sam Kasat

Gaeng Jued Sam Kasat

3 kinds of meat, including pork, chicken, and shrimp, binding together in clear soup.
235 Baht
แกงจืดดอกสลิดGaeng Jued Dok Salid

Gaeng Jued Dok Salid

Clear soup with cowslip creeper flowers and pork balls.
225 Baht
หมูชะมวงMoo Chamuang

Moo Chamuang

Pork belly curry with sour chamuang leaves.
255 Baht
แกงจืดหมูห่มผ้าGaeng Jued Moo Hom Pha

Gaeng Jued Moo Hom Pha

Minced pork wrapped in cabbage soup.
195 Baht
ไข่พะโล้หมูนอนตองKai Palo Moo Non-Tong

Kai Palo Moo Non-Tong

Egg and pork in sweet palm sugar brown gravy.
250 Baht
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