Thai Salad

ยำส้มโอแกล้มหมูย่างYum Som-O Glam Moo Yang

Yum Som-O Glam Moo Yang

Spicy pomelo salad with grilled marinated pork crispy and coconut flake.
245 Baht
ยำส้มฉุนYum Som Chun

Yum Som Chun

Spicy green mango salad with sweet pork and crispy fish.
195 Baht
ยำวุ้นเส้นโบราณใส่ดอกขจรYum Woon Sen Dok Kha-Jon

Yum Woon Sen Dok Kha-Jon

Vermicelli salad with peanuts and dried shrimp. This recipe comes with prawns and dried squid, ground pork, and cowslip creeper flowers to add a natural sweetness.
195 Baht
ยำขนมจีนโบราณปลาตกไหYum Kanom Jeen Boran

Yum Kanom Jeen Boran

Traditional spicy rice noodle salad with grilled mackerel and fermented fish sauce mixed with local herbs.
185 Baht
ยำแหนมสดข้าวทอดYum Nam Khao Tod

Yum Nam Khao Tod

Spicy salad of curried rice croquettes, fermented pork, ginger and peanuts.
215 Baht
ยำขมิ้นขาวพร้าวคั่วหอมYum Kamin Khaw

Yum Kamin Khaw

Spicy young turmeric, prawn, and chicken salad.
195 Baht
ส้มตำลาวไหลบัวกุ้งสดSom Tum Lai Bua Goong Sod

Som Tum Lai Bua Goong Sod

Thai spicy lotus stem salad with shrimp and fermented fish.
195 Baht
ยำผักปลังYum Pak Plang

Yum Pak Plang

Traditional spicy ceylon spinach salad with roasted coconut flavored with well-marinated fish sauce and bird’s eye chili.
190 Baht
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