About Thonglor

"Thonglor", one of thailand's historical road, is recognized as the path of prosperity in cultural exchange.

The meaning of the word "Thonglor" is the melting of gold by heat to create various forms. Inspired by this profound meaning, Thonglor Thai Cuisine blends up all the deliciousness into contemporary local Thai delicacies under the supervision of Chef Vorapol Itthikhanesorn, also known as Chef Thomas, the Head Chef who is famed for his expertise in using local Thai ingredients and traditional Thai recipes that emphasize the nutritional value of Thai food in order to deliver unique taste and perfectly convey the local culture of Thailand. The meticulousness in choosing raw materials has resulted in rich, authentic flavors and a high level of food safety. The use of locally-sourced raw materials also helps support local farmers in a meaningful way, while at the same time passing on natural deliciousness of the ingredients to customers and making every meal a worthy one.

"Thonglor Thai Cuisine"
offers traditional thai cuisine

That incorporates native Thai ingredients, allowing customers to experience the authentic taste of traditional Thai recipes. The restaurant’s name also gives off a sense of elegance and compelling attractiveness. Our Head Chef and his crew, who are the young generation with great passion for Thai cuisine, are determined to modernize and unlock the unique charm of local recipes. The kitchen crew are working in a fun and vibrant atmosphere and doing their best to make sure that customers are happy and satisfied with their dining experience, complemented by a cheerful, casual vibe. Thonglor Thai Cuisine is committed to keeping traditional Thai food alive and continuing to advance Thai food innovation. We focus on the selection of fresh, quality ingredients in cooking, while maintaining quality under the standards of Food Safety Management Systems or ISO 22000.

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